Frequently Asked Questions

Flatettes is your way to directly contact owner properties for your rent or buy journey.
Flatettes premium lets you contact the owners directly which can help you in saving brokerage fees that can go up to 20-30k. We also provide instant alerts on New properties. For more informa
No, you do not have to pay for each property to view. The property listings on our website are accessible to everyone for free. You can browse and view the details of multiple properties with
Yes, there may be a fee associated with certain packages or services we offer. These packages provide additional benefits and exclusive features to enhance your property search experience. Ho
Yes, you can contact up to 2 owner properties without Flatettes. After that, you need to purchase the plan to continue.
Plan validity is depends on diffrent plan.
Basic, Standard, Advance
If you’re not satisfied with this plan, you can always write to us at In case of genuine concerns, we have a full refund policy (applicable only for the MoneyBack plan)
To know more about T&C, visit this Terms & Conditions

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